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Force9 - Broadband for Home and Business
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Yr3 Experimental Media

BX-24 sites

Code: BX-24 Archives
Bx24 Serial To Director Example

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Physical Computing Syllabus
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alex menezes
Untitled Document
Monique Physical Computing

InstantSOUP - StubbornFinger - Build
Orchestra of Anxeity |
HOW-TO: Make a Nokia Pop port to female mini jack with volume control - hack a day - _
About Daniel Rozin
Physical Computing
Core77 Articles: design template
InstantSOUP - Cover
Physical Computing
golan levin homepage
Messa di Voce - Tmema / Blonk / La Barbara
Circuit-benders generate music from cast-off devices - The Battalion - News

Yr3 Application Design for the Web

FormProcessor Demo
Simon Willison: Easier form validation with PHP
Form Validation With PHP
Form Validation - Part 1 - Tutorials - HTMLCenter
What is PHP? Simple PHP mail script
Free PHP Scripts (
PHP Help: Quick Form Validate with PHP

Yr3 Internet Art

TVU internet and network art
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO make Enhanced Podcasts (images, links and more with audio)
elab - Blog FAQs - pictures and galleries
Processing 1.0 (BETA)


M c S P O T L I G H T - best cracks serial numbers keygens patches passwords activation codes appz warez games winrar crack keygen microsoft adobe macromedia

Art docs(wirting)

why I write about art
Interpretations of Art History
ToutFait - View Posting
Marcel Duchamp: Definition and Much More From
Howard Gardner
The Art of Living
ARC Articles - ARChives: Information Board - ARC Staff & Correspondents - Page 1/1
All Puns Intended: The Verbal Creation Of Jean-Pierre Brisset; Author: Redfern, Walter; Paperback

artstuff - Silo 3D Modeling
Ken rinaldo - robotic sculpture, interactive art inspired by natural systems
NetScrap(TM): Great quotes by comedians
Google Search: TheSpecialThing
vj o x y g e n :: visuals :: videodesign :: new media ::
Avert adverts
d i v e r s i o n m a r y - art, drawings, log.
we make money not art: advertising Archives
Interactive Art - Maybe It's a Bad Idea
Art Theory Intro
Mark Harden's Artchive: "Artchive"
BBC News | UK | Art's shock treatment
ArtLex on Interpret and Interpretation
Design is not art - GRAPHIC STYLES ON THE WEB
MilkandCookies - Dance, Voldo, Dance
Wolfflin - Principles of Art History
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Getting Started
Latest Headlines

Conceptual Art Internet Art

Time Out Parknights at the Serpentine Gallery
Google Search: "Akira Kanayama" robot
Things Not To Say To An Artist, by Gigi Conot - Artist Resource
generator 12 (1.2)

Data Storage and Retrevial

The database design: The key to success
phpMyAdmin 2.6.2 - Documentation
localhost >> localhost >> dvdcollection >> language | phpMyAdmin 2.6.2


Creating Users and Setting Permissions in MySQL
MySQL Manual | 4.3.5 Adding New Users to MySQL

MySQL Reference Manual :: 3.3.3 Loading Data into a Table
Free MySQL Tutorials -
Referential Integrity in MySQL
TAASC: MySQL Basics -- A Helpful MySQL Tutorial
15 Seconds : Creating Triggers Using Managed Code in SQL Server 2005
Implementing Referential Integrity and Shared Business Logic
Database procedure (SAP Library - SAP DB)
Database Security Issues: Inference
Relational Database Design
DatabaseDesign.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Data Integrity
Web Application Development, Winter 2005
Basic Elements of Oracle SQL, 10 of 10
MySQL Reference Manual :: 15.7.4 FOREIGN KEY Constraints

DSR As3 Report

Google Search: Referential Integrity - How is it maintained? Primary, Foreign Keys et


Restoring lost data from the Binary Update Log
MySQL Reference Manual :: SHOW WARNINGS Syntax

Testing a large-scale database - TCQAA Forums


Programmers Heaven - .NET Zone - Database - Partitioned Query for MySQL Download page
MySQL Optimization
Web Server Stress Tool
Optimizing and Tuning Your MySQL Database
Google Search: optimizing MySql database
Beginning MySQL Database Design and Optimization @ LinuxWorld
Articles about MySQL

HydroBase Data Dictionary
Full Cast and Crew for Requiem for a Dream (2000)
Database administrator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An Introduction to Database Normalization
MySQL Database Design
CFTLdatabasepdf.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Database Normalization
Database Administrator's Guide
OWL at Purdue University: Writing a Report

Database, Server, Internet

Installing Apache PHP MySQL
1&1 WEBHOSTING FAQ | Setting up phpMyAdmin for your MySQL database
www.Thanki.Tk - Tools - Hiren's BootCD
How to Install and Configure PHP4 to run with Apache on Windows (
UK Web Design Association - the Web Standards Organisation in the UK


Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory

Experimental 3d


pseudoptik - experimental 3d imagery
Google Image Result for
"The World's Most Misunderstood Artform"
Israeli envoy trashes artwork -- The Washington Times
Galapagos Interactive Exhibit
Seung Ho web
Cubadust 2005 - Jonas Strandberg-Ringh
[ P3RPL3XITY ] - Incomprehensible___________________________________________________________________
Billie Ruth Sudduth

FLUXLIST: the creative act


Maya Tutorials


Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Rejected Prince Philip portrait unveiled
Google Search: art sent into space
The Value Of Art - The audience are the ultimate arbiters
Joseph Biays Ord - Turak Gallery - American Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp Biography / Profile of Marcel Duchamp Biographies
Welcome to the 1913 Armory Show
Marcel Duchamp - Olga's Gallery
Tate Collection: British art and international modern and contemporary art
Mid Term Papers: Term Papers on Marcel Duchamp Is Considered
Marcel Duchamp World Community
Marcel Duchamp
Suzanne Duchamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Suzanne Duchamp
Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp
Interpretation of works by Duchamp THE CREATIVE ACT by sine
TOUT-FAIT: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal

Firefox and Mozilla Links

Firefox Start Page
Firefox Central
Themes and Extensions
Firefox Product Page
The Mozilla web site
Mozilla Store
Get Involved - Help spread Firefox!


Kikizo Games: PS2, Xbox, GCN Review: Soul Calibur 2
Videojuegos []
Tekken 5 Feng
■☞ Soul Calibur Character Quiz Games Toys Selectors quizzes tests test quiz polls poll survey information match Soul Calibur Character Quiz Games Toys

good looking web SiTeZ

Gallery of Computation | generative artifacts

Guild Wars

The Unofficial GuildWars Site
Guild Wars OGaming - Commands
Life Siphon -- Guild Wars Vault
Guild Wars: Skills

Haywards Heath

Pub Con Best Care Nov 04- 291104 minutes.pdf (application/pdf Object)
The Argus | CommuniGate | Message Boards
Health in Haywards Heath
The Argus | CommuniGate | Message Boards
The Argus | CommuniGate | Message Boards


Google Image Result for
Google Image Result for

Artistic Drawings and Painting

Bjane Hansen: Illustrator
Bjane Hansen: Illustrator
deviantART: crushinlionheart
Bart Sears

Japanese Sword Arts FAQ
By The Sword,sword,swords,medieval,armour,leather,armor,armory,medieval clothing,sca


advice on cv's - writing your student / graduate cv - uk
Freelance 3D Games Artists jobs East Sussex jobs Any Sector jobs

last points

Marcel Duchamp: Definition and Much More From
Google Search: vanitas tradition in painting
Marcel Duchamp
spiked-culture | Article | 'Why not a Kandinsky, a Mondrian <i>and</i> a motorcycle show?'
Once There Was A War - Painting The First World War At Norwich Cathedral - Norwich City Guide news
Marcel Duchamp
Perspective Through Art:


CT20829E: Data Storage & Retrieval Module Study Guide
MySQL Database Now Provides Full Transaction Support
Articles about MySQL
A Database Journal Guide to MySQL Certification: Part 2, Professional Certification
MySQL® Database Server - The Foundation of MySQL Network


7. Trigonometrical Functions
Area Formulas

Maverick Machines

assginment 2

Google Search: merging live video data
Serial port monitor software - serial port sniffer & analyzer
Build your own Robotic WebCam
Cycling '74 Max/MSP mail archive: By Author
tryptichon.pdf (application/pdf Object)


we make money not art: Computer that feels the force in the room
Influence of Mathematical Models on Art -- History of Models
NPR : Where Science Meets Art
The Aesthetics and Practice of Designing Interactive Computer Events


Google Image Result for
Google Image Result for
i n t e r f a c e - e x p l o r e r // shared boundaries
NANO | installations, inner cell
Jim Gimzewski
The dark side of the cell
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Ubiquitous Computing


andreas schlapbach: artifical life


Ken rinaldo - robotic sculpture, interactive art inspired by natural systems
MachineBrain Robot Culture


Emergent Systems
andreas schlapbach: artifical life
About ART - Art Re-envisions Technology
Emergent Science
art-2it.pdf (application/pdf Object)
AARON History
Google Image Result for


Setpixel // I love water


Garnet Hertz: Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine
Video and computer graphic installations: Ágnes Hegedûs


M05.pdf (application/pdf Object)



Lego Biped Links by Miguel Agullo
MIT Leg Lab's 3D Biped Robot
Robotic creativity [Tesugen]
ReadMe | Robotic Art: Who's the Real Artist?
ReadMe | Robotic Art: Who's the Real Artist?
Interview With the South Korean Robot
Robotics: Robot Art: Profiles of Four Bay Area Artists
Robotic Nation Evidence: 02/01/2004 - 02/29/2004


we make money not art: nanotechnology Archives

Honda Worldwide | run/
Evoluon Senster
How Sensors Make Sense
Google Image Result for
FE_2001_ipb_013_m.jpg (JPEG Image, 295x215 pixels)
Google Image Result for
Garnet Hertz -
Educating for Interaction
Computer Principles for Artists

Maverick Art

Ornitorrinco in the Sahara
Scream Against the Sky
Grand Text Auto » Gutai Artists
Spiders - How spiders see the world
Google Image Result for

Maverick Server

Google Search: live video streaming from scart
Unreal Media Server overview

Maverick Video

Maverick Bluetooth

Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth
The Bluetooth Profiles


Death Fall | Maya Plug-Ins by Do Hyun Jee
3D Buzz - HowTo: Inline Assembly & SSE: Vector normalization done fast!
TUTORIAL: Realistic Liquid
Maya Tutorials - Interparticle Collisions
Fluid Dynamics (Maya):Streaming Movie: Alias|Wavefront Maya 4.5: Fluid Dynamics
Fluid Dynamics (Maya):Streaming Movie: Alias|Wavefront Maya 4.5: Fluid Dynamics
Creating A Bullet Effect
Maya Tutorials
Computer Arts - Rigging in Maya

MS Access

Utter Access Discussion Forums - Search results for query: Milliseconds
ACC2000: How to Create a Stopwatch Form
Microsoft Access


Probe Mp3 Albums Review
video - Mp3s Download



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HorizonZero Issue 02 : MIMIC
Google Image Result for
OVA - Open Video Archive - Offenes Video Archiv is a Video on demand server that provides the opportunity to publish video files to the interested audience in the internet.

tom counter

Counting Time in Seconds with Flash
Getting Dynamic Data into Macromedia Flash Macromedia Flash Resources and Tutorials Tutorial: Date Countdown Timer page 1
Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource for Macromedia Flash MX Tutorials SWF FLA images clipart Sounds WAVS Animations Help and Support
mySQL timestamp in PHP, the best resource for PHP tutorials, templates, PHP manuals, content management systems, scripts, classes and more.


WEB HOSTING : Compare Prices, Consumer Reviews, Help, Guides, Cheap Web Hosting To Ecommerce
Web site designers in Punjab ( India ) , Web Hosting, Domain Registration - Creative INPUTS

DevPapers - article Generating HTML
Director Online Article: Putting your Director project on a CD-ROM: Part 1
LCMM Staff and Course Pages
MAKE: Blog: MAKE AUDIO: HOW TO make a USB PSP charger (enhanced podcast)
PHP: intval - Manual - PHP - bcsqrt
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