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by Ajit Dutta

My artwork looks at the friction between distractions, escapism and reality, politics. Imagery on monitors would change depending on user interactions.

This work is made with mirrors, lights and computer monitors. The mirrors create an infinity effect that symbolises repetition in life and where it fades show how we only see a finite part of it.This artwork is a direct self expression via messages and pictures put in.

I feel strongly about the images used and think about the repercussion of what happen in politics, which is why I have made this piece. Artworks should be made to benefit people whether it inspires people to do something or creates political change.

Ajit Dutta

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agonies in distractions : London Trocadero

top view close up interface and light sculpture Detail on relected light rings


agonies in distractions : Digital Soup, Truman Brewery

Here are the links for the write up for the project ( warning contains bad grammer)


Contextual Analysis




3D Hybrids

This project uses sound made by a piano to distort images made by three light sensors. The images that light sensors use are imagery playing with light. Pictures that distort that imagery of the light sensors using sound are of images of plight in the world.    

Link to Report for this project(warning may contain bad grammer)



Images of the early work, click on images to make them larger: