My name is Ajit Dutta. I have trained to be a digital artist in its many forms. Born in the island of Trinidad my family moved over to England in 1998. Games and comics have been a healthy part of my life. Karate is another facet of my life which I have been studying since 1999.

I have finished my degree in Digital Arts with Multimedia Computing and have made work in a number of styles creating installation art, physical computing pieces, internet art, 3D animations and video. Also, my past work for A-levels included illustration and painting. Drawing is the thing I do most, colouring my illustrations on the computer and digital photography. As part of my course I have worked in groups and enjoyed the mechanics of it.

Creative atmospheres are the things enjoy being in. Currently I am interested in working freelance or temporarily as part of a group. Webdesign, illustration and photography are things I do. Other things I would like to and can do is filming and digital artwork. That’s all for now, see my artwork! Thank you dropping by.